FF Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey

Fcukin Flava is a new range of delicious flavors of e-liquid. The juices in this series are available in 60ml bottles and come with two complimentary 10ml bottles of nicotine booster. One thing that makes Fcukin Flava so unique is that these flavors have been specifically created to enhance the flavor profile of tobacco flavors. The Flava Fcukin Munkey e-juice is perfect for vapers who are looking for a new taste to try out. The Flava Fcukin Munki is an e-juice with a mix of fruits and exotic flavors to give you a unique vaping experience.


Nic Strength: High, Low, Medium, zero

Menthol Level: Regular

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG VG Ratio: 30PG / 70VG

Package Includes:

1 x 60ml bottle of FF Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey E-Liquid

Nicotine level

3 MG


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