FF Fcukin Flava Mango Man Salt Best Price In Pakistan

FF Fcukin Flava Mango Man Salt is a highly concentrated flavoring for e-liquids. It is ready to use without any further dilution required.

It is tart citrus with a mixture of tangerine and lime. The scent opens up with a burst of tangerine and lime, but the mint lightens it up just a bit. It is not your typical citrus fragrance. The mint note is more apparent than anything else, so while it may seem like you’re getting a citrus scent.


Nic Strength: High, Medium

Menthol Level: Regular

Bottle Size: 10ml

PG VG Ratio: 50PG / 50VG

Package Includes:

1 x 10ml bottle short filled with FF Fcukin Flava Mango Man Salt.


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